The Absolute Most Ignored Fact About Music New Era Revealed

18/08/2020 Brandy 0

Commemorating 10 years of Fairly Lights at Crimson Rocks. A live performance of widespread American music was given yesterday afternoon in Aeolian Hall by Paul Whiteman and his orchestra of the Palais Royal. The stage setting was as unconventional as the program. Pianos in various stages of dishabille stood about, amid a litter of each imaginable contraption of wind and percussion instruments. Two Chinese mandarins, surmounting pillars, regarded down upon a scene that would have curdled the blood of a Stokowski or a Mengelberg. The golden sheen of brass instruments of lesser and better dimensions was caught up by a gleaming gong and carried out by brilliant patches of an oriental backdrop. There have been additionally, laying or hanging about, frying pans, large tin utensils, and a speaking trumpet, later caught into the end of a trombone – and what a silky, silky tone got here from that accommodating instrument! […]