4 Home Concert Ideas You Should Consider During the COVID-19 Lockdown

No longer news that the pandemic has frozen a lot of activities, especially outdoor activities. Bars are banned, theatres included, fairs postponed, and football matches played without the fans.

It is quite sad to think people could be cramped inside, devoid of external merriment. But the lockdown comes with agreeable intents. Done to save what is left of the pandemic. With thousands of people dead, it is only logical a lockdown is enforced to curtail the spread of Covid-19.

Regardless, there is a saving grace. While everywhere is banned, gratefully we have the home to ourselves and can make out of it anything we want. It is the period where most people spend a lot of their lives with their homes. Now, most indoor projects that normally required third parties can be done ourselves – from the tiniest joy to the unlimited bliss. We can even create home concerts and dance our way through the grim realities of the virus. Opinions of homeowners on reviewsbird.co.uk exposed these 4 home concert ideas you should consider during the lockdown.

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1. Create a perfect atmosphere

What makes a concert is not really the concert but the atmosphere. A great atmosphere defines everything — from engagement to enablement to management. A great concert is not only instruments from musical instrument stores. Draw curtains to reflect dark and strategically drape your home with lighting. Remember, you are creating the sight, smell, and sound natural to a concert. Where sound is required, improvise with a stereo; where sight is needed, keep in check with voices; and where smell is expected, do not fail to fulfill it.

2. Choose the right concert medium

What sort of musical concert do you want? Is it karaoke where members of your family take turns to sing popular songs or you are looking at a single musical concert? Either choice you make, the platform is as important as the concert. Ensure both the platform and intention blend to create a perfect at-home concert experience.

3. Do not forget to use costumes

Best enjoyed with friends and families, dress as you would without a lockdown to your concert. Put on the right clothes, the matching shoes, and be open to spotlight dances. Also, organize mini dance contests to keep the fun and energy going. Make your experience eventful by engaging in both dance and musical activities that could have been without a raging pandemic.

4. The snacks and drinks should be there

Of course, you shouldn’t forget the snacks and drinks. It doesn’t have to be popcorn that keeps you alive through the moments. You should get creative with snacks and drinks. You can ask the children to experiment with some recipes for snacks while adults mix a totally different brand of drinks for the event. This way, you all get to live the experience in dynamic ways.

Final Notes

A lockdown stops nothing for a determined mind. Indeed, it is another way to get creative. Staying at home, you can get whole new activities done, including a home concert. You only need ideas of people who have attempted these series of ideas to begin.