Spotify Hampers the Promotion of Classical Music

22/01/2020 Clarissa 0

Many people believe that classical music has lost both importance and popularity in the modern world that is ridden by the latest innovations in technology, a craze for dance, and social media trends. However, that is clearly not true as classical music is the most valuable heritage for musicians who have proper education, skill, and expertise. Classical music – unlike the modern approach and belief – is being produced even in these modern times, but it is not getting the required attention as platforms like Spotify do not promote it. Most of these platforms arrange and promote music on the basis of the audience’s interests that are diverging from classical music continuously. Even so, it is important that this valuable heritage of art be preserved and promoted in the modern generation.

Many artists – including the very prominent stars of the industry like Adele, Coldplay, Justin Bieber, Avicii, and One … Read More

What to look for in a wedding venue?

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Your wedding is your big day, and you need to search for a great place for your event. Following mentioned are some of the factors you need to look for in a perfect wedding venue:

Roomy fit

This is something obvious that you would want to look for a wedding venue that has space enough to accommodate the number of guests you have invited to your wedding. Whenever you are thinking to finalize a wedding venue, book a more significant place than what that’s enough. This is important as space might look enormous when it has no guests in it, and it can seem stuffed once your event starts. To avoid such a mess, it’s better to search for an event venue that has enough space according to the scale of your event.

Partying areas

Select a space larger enough, having separated eating and partying areas. It’s better to look … Read More

Profesional DJ

Beginners’ Setup Gadgets for starting your DJ Adventure

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You love music, at its loudest. You also love selecting what song comes next during a casual friend’s hangout. You love the idea of DJ-Ing at social events, but sincerely don’t know what list of equipment to look out for when practicing.  Then stay glued to your screen!

Picking out your first professional or beginner’s DJ kit can be as confusing as solving a maze, especially when you have no one around you to walk you through the process. With so many brands of DJ software, apps, and equipment to pick out from nowadays, making the right choice could be a big deal. On this path, it is important to always prioritize your equipment every step of the way.

Here in the UK, there are a couple of gadget stores to help you with your setup. Find out what Britain DJ customers say about Gear best. There are … Read More


Things To Know About SoundCloud Marketing

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Imagine that you are on the stage and thousands of fans are waiting to hear your next song. Without saying, this is a dream of every musician that wants to share the music to a public audience. However, getting started is the most challenging process.

Even though it is not that simple, you will be able to do it by following specific steps that will help you along the way. For instance, you can get Soundcloud plays, so that you can improve your stats and trending playlists that will bring you more fans in the long run.

We can easily say that numerous talents are reaching millions of fans daily due to SoundCloud music promotion and marketing that will help you reach everyone you want.

What is SoundCloud?

If you are a musician, you have probably heard about SoundCloud, but still, maybe you did not use it for promotion yet. … Read More

8 Venue Event Planning Tips You Can’t Ignore in Dubai

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Event management is a billion-dollar industry in Dubai and every time there are always events happening around the city. That is why you will see event management companies in Dubai is fighting for business. Without perfect planning, contacts, and coordination it is almost impossible to organize a successful event. So, if you are an inspiring event planner than try to follow a successful recipe and that is work hard and work smart.

So as to guarantee that your occasion turns out just as you have arranged, it is significant that you ensure that you discuss well with your scene contact or organizer. Regardless of whether there are issues that emerge with the arranging of your occasion, you need to have the option to iron out the same number of wrinkles as you can. In many cases, this isn’t as troublesome as it might appear. Scene organizers are typically eager to … Read More