Become a Music Photographer

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There are some jobs where the benefits and perks so far outweigh the cons as to seem inconsequential. Music photography must rank as one of those professions.

To take photos of great bands at gigs around the world, you’re likely a music aficionado to begin with and have an inclination towards photography. We’ll assume you have a digital camera and a keen eye for interesting photos. After all, to reap the advantages of such a career, you must be talented and hardworking to reach the top stage

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1) Skills:

The must-have skills required for a professional music photographer are:

  • A positive attitude: This isn’t an easy industry to crack. A positive attitude, energetic personality, and a passion for music and the arts will stand you in good stead.
  • Camera Competency: Working at night, in dark spaces, and under enormously pressured environments, you need to know your camera and equipment well enough to handle them in the pitch dark to not miss a shot.
  • Editing Efficiency: You’ll likely capture thousands of photos in a session and you must be able to select, edit, and process your photos as quickly as possible for your employers to use on social media and other media platforms.

2) Rules:

Concert venues, music promoters, and bands/music artists all have photography rules and requirements of photographers. Concerts have photographer pits, platforms, and backstage areas where photographers may work – and only at certain times of a gig or concert. Familiarise yourself before the concert with these regulations – even if you’re just starting out to gain experience. Learning these rules from the get-go will help you gain better insight and grow your levels of experience to create those award-winning photos in the future.

3) Experience:

As with anything in life, experience is important for success. The lead singer of your favourite band didn’t strike the perfect key on his first attempt at singing. Through practice, you can build your skills and gain ever-important experience. Knowing when to take a photo is as important as taking a photo. Music shows are dynamic: lights, audience, and stage actions are constantly changing. You can’t afford to miss a single photographic opportunity. However, you’ll gain that through experience. Attend as many events, gigs and concerts as possible, and search out different venues to broaden your experience even quicker. Shooting in different scenes teaches you to adapt and can lead to creating captivating images.

4) Portfolio:

You likely must seek cheap concerts and gigs in your area to build your portfolio, reputation, and awareness. The more you photograph, the more opportunities you have of meeting potential clients and of creating lasting and memorable photos.

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