Spotify Hampers the Promotion of Classical Music

Jan22,2020 #Music Today
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Many people believe that classical music has lost both importance and popularity in the modern world that is ridden by the latest innovations in technology, a craze for dance, and social media trends. However, that is clearly not true as classical music is the most valuable heritage for musicians who have proper education, skill, and expertise. Classical music – unlike the modern approach and belief – is being produced even in these modern times, but it is not getting the required attention as platforms like Spotify do not promote it. Most of these platforms arrange and promote music on the basis of the audience’s interests that are diverging from classical music continuously. Even so, it is important that this valuable heritage of art be preserved and promoted in the modern generation.


Many artists – including the very prominent stars of the industry like Adele, Coldplay, Justin Bieber, Avicii, and One Republic – increasingly draw inspiration from classical pieces of music to shape new melodies and rhythms. That is what makes this art thrive even now – in the form of all those brand-new trending songs from these notable artists that build on the classical notes of music. Classical music has become a building block and the foundation of the building of modern music and continues to thrive under the notes of trending musical pieces. It is, by no measure, any less important than it was before. Music is an art that has survived the evolution of man and continues to be one of the most loved forms of art, and so does its classical type. Classical music will survive and thrive as long as the art of music itself does.

However, there needs to be a certain platform that does promote classical pieces over others, right? All of us who like classical music or are interested in it have felt the lack of such a platform for the promotion of classical music. As platforms like Spotify do not serve the cause sufficiently, finding out about MusicToday can be quite a treat for the lovers of classical music who want a platform that does. It has collected the heritage of classical music from the annals of art to bring together a collection that would impress anybody with the right taste for art. True, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Similarly, gifted people have the aesthetic sense to judge true classical music.

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