Spotify Hampers the Promotion of Classical Music

22/01/2020 Clarissa 0

Many people believe that classical music has lost both importance and popularity in the modern world that is ridden by the latest innovations in technology, a craze for dance, and social media trends. However, that is clearly not true as classical music is the most valuable heritage for musicians who have proper education, skill, and expertise. Classical music – unlike the modern approach and belief – is being produced even in these modern times, but it is not getting the required attention as platforms like Spotify do not promote it. Most of these platforms arrange and promote music on the basis of the audience’s interests that are diverging from classical music continuously. Even so, it is important that this valuable heritage of art be preserved and promoted in the modern generation. Many artists – including the very prominent stars of the industry like Adele, Coldplay, Justin Bieber, Avicii, and One […]