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Aug23,2019 #SoundCloud
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Imagine that you are on the stage and thousands of fans are waiting to hear your next song. Without saying, this is a dream of every musician that wants to share the music to a public audience. However, getting started is the most challenging process.

Even though it is not that simple, you will be able to do it by following specific steps that will help you along the way. For instance, you can get Soundcloud plays, so that you can improve your stats and trending playlists that will bring you more fans in the long run.

We can easily say that numerous talents are reaching millions of fans daily due to SoundCloud music promotion and marketing that will help you reach everyone you want.

What is SoundCloud?

If you are a musician, you have probably heard about SoundCloud, but still, maybe you did not use it for promotion yet. Since it features 175 million global users, it is one of the largest audio and music platforms in the world.

The best thing about it is the ability for artists to upload their original music so that they can share it with a growing fan base that is keen to listen to new artists as well as old ones. At the same time, audio and music creators can monetize and share their content worldwide apart from receiving detailed feedback and analytics that will help you along the way.

You will have the ability to share your music as well as promote songs and connect with other artists that will help you reach more people in general.

How To Promote SoundCloud?

You cannot get SoundCloud plays and just rely on it to reach more listeners and potential fans. Every single social media channel feature fantastic marketing tools that you can implement by using social media.

It is essential to start by understanding which social media channels are best for your particular audience.

That way, you will know for whom you should make a marketing strategy and how to create a brand, present your story and use proper platforms that will provide you immersive success.

1.    Target Fans and Branding

When you look at two different musicians such as Jimmy Buffet on one side and Beyonce on another, you will notice that both of them are highly popular and feature different fan-bases, branding, and music.

Therefore, if Beyoncé would reach Jimmy’s fans, that would not be as successful and vice versa. By saying this, we are stating that you have to identify yourself and the music that you play.

Have in mind that music is a large part and consideration that will help you reach target fans, which is why you should let them identify with what you represent both personally and musically.

As soon as you determine your identity, the next step is developing the original brand that you should consider. Try to think about your traits and personality features. Are you entertaining and funny or you are viewing yourself as a sex symbol?

Whatever you choose, have in mind that you have to build your brand around this particular image in social media and select artists to collaborate with as well as the way you appear, lifestyle and create an image that will appeal to others and make you more distinctive than before.

It is essential to think about your image, and the key idea is to remain consistent wherever you are.

You should identify your target audience that will enjoy hearing your music and watching your personality. It is much better to get to know everything about your fans before you start with the promotion and strategy that will help you along the way.

By creating a detailed fan persona, you will create a mindset that will help you enter the heads of your potential fans. That way, you will be able to boost your brand in general and use it to promote your strategies along the way.

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2.    Implement Social Media Pages On SoundCloud

It is essential to create a brand page on Facebook so that you can create an entire picture of yourself as an artist. Since the FB features the ability to present yourself utterly such as implementing about section, tour dates, photos as well as future events, you can help yourself.

Since SoundCloud integrates entirely with Facebook, you can improve and boost the promotion as time goes by. Therefore, you have to paste the URL of a particular track, and you will be able to post it on both channels without any additional problem.

Therefore, by having a fan page, you will be able to upload tracks for your listeners, interact with fans directly, and promote your SoundCloud page. You can also create interesting written posts that will lead your fans towards SoundCloud so that they can hear more samples of your music.

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