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Moco museum is, as the name “Moco” suggests, a modern and contemporary art museum located in Amsterdam, in a beautiful townhouse looking out on Museumplein. This townhouse, Villa Alsberg, was designed in 1904 by Eduard Cuypers, the nephew of Pierre Cuypers. Moco museum features proven artists with a unique vision. It features modern and contemporary artists from all eras, which includes newer artists like Studio Irma and older artists like Mark Rothko. With the many different artists who each use their own unique style and vision to create their beautiful and meaningful art, there really is something there for everyone.

Why you should visit Moco museum

Even if you don’t even try at all, in Amsterdam museum is very easy to find. The city is full of all sorts of wonderful museums, including Moco museum. Moco museum is, however, unique for its diversity in artists as well as its garden. Yup, the Moco garden is truly a beautiful place to visit and enjoy the greenery as well as the artworks. Not a huge fan of Yayoi Kusama? No problem, because there’s so much more to see at Moco museum besides that one artist that you don’t like. Enjoy artworks by your favourite artists in the beautiful townhouse that is Moco museum.

Visit the Moco website

You can sit here and read about Moco museum all day, but you can also just go over to the official Moco wesbite and enjoy exclusive Moco stories, browse the webshop and even book your tickets! Read an exclusive interview with artist THE KID on Moco stories, buy yourself a Moco tote bag, or find out what exhibits are currently on display. You can even buy someone a Moco giftcard for a free entry to Moco museum. Who wouldn’t love that as a fun little gift? For fun, art related articles, awesome Moco merch and the latest news on Moco museum, the official Moco website is the place to be.

Become a Moco member for free!

Everyone loves free stuff, right? So how about a free Moco membership! Being a Moco member means that you get access to all sorts of fun stuff, like a free postcard, a free audiotour, 10% off at the webshop and 15% off at the gift shop. You also get a 25% friends & family discount after your next visit, priority on limited edition items and giveaways, and priority tickets for new exhibitions and events. All of that for free! And all you have to do is sign up to become a Moco member on the official website.

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