Why most people who try an instrument left their musical education in less than a month? Tips for you to improve and be persistent

Sep28,2020 #About Dawsons music
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Statistics has it that over 70% of people who start learning how to play a musical instrument every year ended up forsaking their musical education within the first month. Why do people start learning an instrument with so much passion and enthusiasm but end up quitting after some time without achieving their goal? Nowadays, there’re different ways to learn music and learning to play a musical instrument goes beyond passion. It should begin with the right foundation. If you don’t understand the right practice and tools needed to improve your skills, you might end up getting frustrated and quit in the long run.

In this post, we’ll consider some of the reasons that make people quit their musical education and possible tips on how to improve and be persistent. But before we proceed, we want you to learn About Dawsons music.

Reasons why people quit their musical education

They don’t believe in themselves or believe they’re talented enough

One of the major reasons why people quit their musical education is because they don’t believe in themselves. Ost people believe in the concept of “being born naturally talented”, but the truth of the matter is that no one gets better in something just because they were born talented. It takes diligence, discipline and persistence to become best at anything. If you practice regularly, you’ll see progress in your musical learning.

quit their musical education

They get too busy with other activities that they hardly have time to practice

Learning how to play a musical instrument is hard work and may be difficult sometimes. If you lack the right motivation to push through, you might end up not having time to practice, and over time the passion and drive fade away. This is why most people quit within the first month; they get entangled with other unnecessary activities. If you must succeed at learning a musical instrument, you must see it as a goal.

Other reasons why people quit include:

  • Faulty music instrument
  • Not realizing that there’ll be ups and downs in commitment, enthusiasm and rate of learning
  • Not having great resources and tools for the learning
  • Not having a SMART goal, plan and routine for the learning process

Tips on how to improve and be persistent in learning a music instrument

Never give up, remain patient and consistent

Learning how to plan a musical instrument can be tough; at some point, you’ll feel like giving up. Resist the temptation to give up. If you’re truly serious, passionate and determined to learn, then you must learn to be patient and give yourself time. You’ll improve if you remain consistent. Subject yourself to constant practice even when you don’t feel like it.

Constant practice

The process of learning a new skill requires constant practice. The power of constant practice cannot be overemphasized. If you must improve and be persistent, you have to set a daily routine and stick to it against all the odds. Constant practice is the only way to improve your playing skill. It is thee little times you spend practicing that help you become better.

Other tips that will help you improve become better and stay persistent include:

  • Have a personal instrument for practice
  • Learn the fundamentals
  • Watch or listen to other professionals
  • Don’t be afraid to make a mistake
  • Keep learning

We hope that our tips will help you to improve and be persistent. Cheers to your continuous improvement and success.

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