TOP 5 TV shows you can not miss this year

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About 40% of our time during the day is spent in front of the screens of phones, laptops, or televisions. Another interesting fact is that more than 12 million new members have been added to streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, or HBO.

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Because of the current situation, we spend the most time at home. If you already watched everything on Netflix why don’t you try something new? Vontronix TV service reviews offer you even more good tips, so do not miss it.

We bring you the best must-see TV shows.

1. The Office

Do you just want to sit aimlessly behind your TV? Then The Office is the right series for you. Legendary comedian Steve Carell will entertain you with his humor, along with the entire department of the insignificant paper industry in the U.S.A. It’s one of the best comedy series. And very popular as a lot of customers said on Collected.Reviews.

2. Sinner

Detective Harry Ambrose investigates special cases. It’s a mysterious criminal drama. With its darkness and sophistication, it will draw you into the story and you will have to binge-watch episode after episode. The story is divided into three series, each a different case. If you want a fan of mysterious genres and detective stories, this TV show will be your cup of coffee.

3. La Casa del Papel

The Spanish series that you may have already heard of. It is becoming a legend in 21st-century cinematography. There is a gigantic “hype” around it. A group of eight elect, led by the mysterious El Professor, planned the largest robberies in Spanish history. They will spend 11 days in the royal mint, where they will start printing their own money. The series will show you that the tentacles of criminals reach the ranks on the side of the law.

4. Dark

A European series that deserves big applause. The mysterious disappearances of people in a small German town of Winden, which almost no one can explain. Time travel, which spans several generations. An involved story that will make you think after each episode. Dark has successfully confused everyone who has watched it. Definitely worth watching.

5. Outlander

A love story from the territory of Scotland and England and also an ingenious connection of the 20th and 18th centuries. The protagonist grabs ancient pagan stones somewhere in England and travels back in time. At first glance, a cliché, but gave it a chance. We watched till the end. It will make you smile and cry. Not to mention that the characters in this filmed historical short story, are simply perfect. Claire, the heroine, after traveling to the past, begins to long for a man who has not lived in her time for a long time. Disrupting space-time is not funny, so everything falls apart in the story. According to the outlander, history can be rewritten.

Tv shows might be addictive, so do not spend many hours a day watching, but also focus on school, relationships, friendships, and work. If you are so able and skilled, you can combine it all.

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